Random thoughts and a serious WTF question…

October 9, 2008 at 8:04 am (life, Politics)

First…look at me! Two posts in two days!  I might be on a trend here! ;-D

Ok, the serious WTF question: AIG (big massive insurance company) goes begging and pleading to the government and get 85 billion, Billion with a B folks dollars to help them in the huge, ginormous economic perfect storm.  Then as has been reported, the same company went and spent almost 1/2 a million at a freaking retreat for AIG agents/sales force people.  That’s the first WTF?

Then, this morning it’s announced that AIG has asked for MORE money from the government.  MORE billions.

The second WTF…if all the committees are pissed off that they got the first bailout check and then blew 1/2 a mill at a freaking SPA resort and are planning ANOTHER retreat at another SPA resort, why do they deserve the second bailout amount?

In my humble opinion, they need to give back the first bailout amount and fire everyone that went on that first 1/2 a million dollar retreat and put the fear of God into the second group that’s scheduled for the second one.

Random thought time….or maybe better an open letter to a certain radio host:

If you host a radio show (not naming names, but I live in the Tampa market and used to listen to a rather prominent station here) and you’re all about ratings and entertaining people why do you alienate yourself and drive listeners away with your political spiel that’s better left for your afternoon talk show?

You’re no longer number 1 in the area for the adult demographic because you’ve continually driving republican rhetoric down your listeners throats.  Your show is not fun to listen to anymore.  You fired someone for taking a day off to go to the other candidate’s rally (the one you don’t support and have all those nauseating parody songs about).

I hope this teaches you a lesson.  The people that listen to you don’t want to hear about your shuttered view of the political world.  They want to be entertained.  Trust me on this.


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